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File System Forensic Analysis download

File System Forensic Analysis download

File System Forensic Analysis. Brian Carrier

File System Forensic Analysis

ISBN: 0321268172,9780321268174 | 600 pages | 15 Mb

Download File System Forensic Analysis

File System Forensic Analysis Brian Carrier
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Forensically interesting spots in the Windows 7, Vista and XP file system and registry. First, I've got an anti-forensics class to teach, so I have to learn it anyway. The key to forensics is freezing the environment as close to the point of compromise as possible. Best Digital Forensic Book Windows Forensic Analysis (Harlan Carvey) IPhone Forensics (Jonathan Zdziarski) File System Forensic Analysis (Brian Carrier). Our goal is to get the community access to our research as quickly as possible! Rather it is a look at some of the tools I use in my practice and how they can be applied to iPhone forensic analysis. Back when I was first figuring out how to acquire the Samsung Galaxy Camera, I did a file system dump using Cellebrite's UFED Logical. It is not the intent of this blog post to be an all-encompassing guide to the forensic analysis of an iPhone. I'm writing this article for two main reasons. I have a huge interest in file system forensics, so I have been following his Tri-Force blog posts and was anxious to hear his scheduled talk on the NTFS Logfile Forensics/Tri-Force during CEIC.